Monday, November 22, 2010

Looking To Other Homes For Inspiration

While shopping for inspiration, some of the the best places to look are in other homes.  My favorite thing to do is go into a model home and just walk around looking at the funky things that were done to the space.  It's also fun to look at homes that are for sale and see what the lay out is of a simple apartment compared to a more "complex" condo or the layout of a house.  By adding a randomly shaped hall way instead of a plain one with parallel walls gives the space more appeal. 

Like this one:

or being daring and fun by adding a fun colored couch


I find it interesting how some apartments are pretty spacious in square feet but can still make you feel enclosed and squished in.  The apartment I live in has mirrors as its back splash in the kitchen, which brings in the natural light to the kitchen from the living room windows.  It helps in bringing in natural light to a space that would otherwise consist of shadows.  Due to the reflection it really works out. 

Also going into residences that go out of your usual norm is fun :) finding things you may never have in your own home, but bring a smile to our faces whenever we see someone daring enough to put it in their homes ha ha!


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