Saturday, October 23, 2010

Poking at Someone Else For Inspiration

New week and new ways of finding inspiration.  Some of the best ways are looking at other blogs, maybe like mine if you're visiting this site as a fellow desgner :)  Well before writing this i've looked up a few different blogs and from them taken inspiration and been able to grasp new concepts. 

This picture from MOCO LOCO Designs, one of the top blogs rated.  It has everything from furniture to art work, so when looking for good inspiration here is one to look at.

This is from ikea hacker.  The wrighter posts invoative ways of using anything and everything from ikea.  This specific one chopping wood from tables and making them into soemthing else like another table or even a bed. 

So overall these blogs as well as others can give you an intersting look at what's new and what's hot.  There are blogs for just about any topic, even the crazy ones can give you a new idea.  So surf the web and google blogs, you'll be surprised. 

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