Monday, November 22, 2010

Design Careers!!!!!!!!!

Even though HGTV is a fun channel, many designers know that's not the reality.  Thank goodness, I didn't come into this hoping for a spot on a new hit TV show, but instead I took a different route.  One of the most appealing careers I have found with Interior Design is Textile and Wall Covering design. 

Textile and Wall
Covering designers must be highly creative and have a strong sense of color, form and design.  They work in knit, weave, print, photography, and have to be innovative to create designs that are used to make a variety of fabrics, wall coverings, and other such products.  These designs are the beginning stages of textiles like linens, furniture and clothing; while the wall coverings can be an inspiration for any space and decor.  An average salary can be between $40-68,000 a year. 

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