Thursday, February 10, 2011

Inspiration This Week

Sooo. . . Inspiration this week truly came from doing nothing.  Texas had a horrible storm where everyone freaked out and everything was closed down, even Starbucks!!!! HAHAHAHA

SO from doing nothing and pretty much being stuck at home I really had time to just think and imagine.  Like I mentioned before, I am looking for a new place to live, but one day and one day soon I'd love to buy my own house.  What I did this week was pretty much imagined myself having all the money in the world and totally making my house my style in every possible way.  Not just the usual in picking out finishes and changing the paint colors here and there, but I really went into depth planning out how many sq feet the house would be, then what the measurements of my kitchen island would be, my ideal bedroom sizes and so on.  I truly loved every part of it and loved going through different magazines and making a collage of everything I liked.  Not so much of the usual "organized" look, but more of the scrap booking idea.  I cut pictures out, circled, made comments; you name it I did it :)
So next time you are a little bored, I suggest getting out some magazines, scissors, and glue and imagine away ;)

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